About the author

The author of these pages are employed in the support department of a major Certification Authority, and he missed a lot of these facilities in his daily work. Initially he used a number of quick'n'dirty command line scripts with OpenSSL and when that didn't spark the interest, he decided to create a full web site with the same functions. The rest is history...

Contact, questions and feature requests

You can contact me at ssl(at)claushc.dk for questions and feature requests, if you wish to see the code behind or just wish to debug other servers than the one you're currently debugging from (btw, you better have some really good reasons for the last).

If you're afraid of security risks, or just want to use these tools on your own webserver, then the source code is available with a BSD style license.

Revision history

Version 0.1
A number of quick'n'dirty Windows scripts that I'm too embarassed to release to the public.
Version 0.2
One single page that could decrypt both certificates, CSRs and a few things more. It grew to be too complex and from the ashes came...
Version 0.3
The current system with different pages for each function. I'm still improving this system every now and then when the urge comes over me.


This is still nothing more than a little funny project, but I can think about a number of improvements in the future: